Biography of Fray Juan de San Miguel
enero 3, 2021

Biography of Fray Juan de San Miguel

There are many stories that are really amazing, although they can be considered very brief, the life of Fray Juan de San Miguel, can be a clear example of this. Although he was a man who devoted his life to service and good, there are not many records that can bear witness to what his life was like. However, his brief work can also be considered accurate enough to be a man of record.

Friar Juan de San Miguel was born in El Arahal, specifically, in Sevila. From here he began the journey that, some time later, would lead him to become the Friar who did so much good within society and who left a great glimmer of faith in those who are devoted to him.

Who was Fray Juan de San Miguel?

Fray Juan de San Miguel, just as he was born in Seville, also died in the same town. He was known as one of the greatest Carmelite theologians that could be known. Besides this, he also had his good passages as an analyst, because of this he had a particular perception of life. His life has been a clear example of what it means to give oneself completely to service, to the point of seeking all the paths that would allow him to be close to the people he considered to be in need of some kind of help.

By the year 1692 he managed to enter the order. Later, he continued his life of service, but he did it from the classrooms, being a great professor of theology in a school that was known as Santo Angel de Sevilla in which he lasted a considerable time.

Life of Fray Juan de San Miguel

Of course, Fray Juan de San Miguel, gained an important recognition as a theology professor, the same would happen when he became prior in some convents, among which the following stand out: the convent of Ecija and the convent of Carmona. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that he had an important reputation in both of them.

During all the time he had the opportunity to live in Seville, he also dedicated himself to be advisor of diverse authorities that were living in the town. On the other hand, it was also known that he was able to be elected as provincial and also became an examiner for the archdiocese.

Work of Fray Juan de San Miguel

Basically, we can talk about Fray Juan de San Miguel by referring to a man who had a great intellect and a great sense of personality and help towards others like him. His development as a theology professor led him to know much more about the human being and that is why he managed to have such a good connection with so many people.

On the other hand, he was one of the few friars who had the opportunity to reach such important positions as the ones he developed in Seville, which was very flattering for Juan de San Miguel.

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