Biography of Julián de los Reyes Governor of San Luis Potosí
enero 3, 2021

Biography of Julián de los Reyes Governor of San Luis Potosí

If someone has had a truly admirable life full of many diatribes, it has been Julián de los Reyes, who was the governor of San Luis Potosí. Actually, he had politics in his blood, that is why he was able to enjoy notorious positions at a political level that led him to become a highly recognized person within society.

He had a life full of everything necessary to achieve the goals and objectives he could have set for himself, but his death was considered the least expected, mostly because of the way it happened, something unimaginable.

Who was Julián de los Reyes Governor of San Luis Potosí?

One of the most outstanding things that Julián de los Reyes had was to be the governor of San Luis Potosí, which happened between 1848 and 1853. On the other hand, this politician could also know other political steps. But the governorship is the most outstanding because he was able to free debts that had to do with public finances. On the other hand, he was very agile in education, something that was even more evident when he managed to found what would be the first normal school for the year 1849.

Important achievements are also recognized in the area of health and roads. Of course, the work he did for society was noted, and the way in which people knew how to respond to such contributions is appreciated. There is also recognition of the fact that he gave a place to the poor and they were not pushed aside.

Life of Julián de los Reyes Governor of San Luis Potosí

The life of Julián de los Reyes begins on January 9, 1811, when he was born in the town of San Francisco de los Pozos. He was a quite normal young man, who paid particular attention to politics and the effects it could have on his environment. He encouraged this until he reached an age when he could study and fully dedicate himself to politics.

The death of San Luis Potosi’s governor occurred after he was murdered on January 8, 1853. That’s how he died at the age of 42. This was something that left many of his followers feeling very upset because they didn’t understand why he died.

Work of Julián de los Reyes, Governor of San Luis Potosí

Of course, the greatest work of Julian de los Reyes, comes from the moment he assumes the governorship of San Luis Potosi, this was what allowed him to have enough power to achieve great social changes and help people in general, but without forgetting the neediest.

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