How many calories are there in a spicy Italian Subway?
enero 3, 2021

How many calories are there in a spicy Italian Subway?

The Subway Italian Spice is one of the most recommended, its mix of flavor and that intense but digestible spicy touch, make it the favorite of millions in the world, however, it is convenient to know how many calories the portion of spice adds to our food. Eating at Subway doesn’t mean you have to forget to control what you eat, does it?

If you order a 2.3 ounce serving, you will be consuming 230 calories in your spice. Although it is not an outrageous caloric load and it contains vitamins, it is good to know its caloric contribution to our organism and to define better our consumption. Try now and Buy Michelada Mix!

Is Subway’s Italian Spice healthy?

The spicy one has a delicate element that is the high content of sodium, something that would not be so serious if it was not accompanied by ingredients like meats and cheese in one case, or meatballs and marinara sauce in another, depending on the sandwich that you decide to eat to accompany the Subway Italian Spicy.

Even in that case, adding about 580 – 600 calories on average, it is still a food that, if we do not consume it regularly (much less daily), should not bring serious problems to our health. Spicy is not completely healthy but it becomes dangerous if we consume it in excess, like many things. If we have to qualify it clearly we will say that it is not healthy, but it can be enjoyed if we have a routine that helps us burn calories daily, and a balanced diet (outside of that sin of the sandwich).

What’s in Subway’s Italian Spice?

Its content leaves no room for doubt that it is something to be consumed sporadically and not constantly or daily, but this does not deter Subway sandwich lovers, who cannot conceive of eating a good sandwich without the famous Italian hot sauce, among its ingredients the Subway Italian hot sauce contains:

  • Saturated fats
  • Cholesterol
  • Sodium
  • Dietary fiber
  • Sugar
  • Protein
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C

How is the Italian spice of Subway made?

The recipe has been a closely guarded secret by Subway franchises for many years, it’s useless to try to get past that wall but some of the ingredients are known, so you can start making your own Subway Italian Spice at home, but you will be missing some ingredients for the Italian Spice that you will have to solve with creativity, who knows if you will get a better mix.

  • Basil: Don’t expect to look at the leaves in the sauce, the flavor is what makes it clear to connoisseurs that the spice has basil, besides being a constant in the Italian sauces and spices of all times.
  • Garlic: Just like the above, both taste and tradition make it clear that garlic is present in this sauce that goes well with any sandwich.
  • Crushed bell pepper: Perhaps one of the secrets is in defining what type of bell pepper is used in a specific way.
  • Olive oil or butter: There is a slight touch, but it is present.

Arab spices? There are theories that they are part of the recipe, but these spices could alter the flavor, besides giving it an excessive spicy touch. It will be your turn to create at home and you will tell us about it.

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